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Bob Cummings

I was in Jackson's Java yesterday (quick somebody, alert the media) and my friend Jonathan and his wife  came in with some of his art to display. He hung some of it near the back of the store, where I was sitting in one of the comfy chairs reading Hayek. He asked me what I thought, and I looked up from my book and said "It's nice". He said the way I answered reminded him  of a character Bob Cummings played in an old beach movies from the 60's. I have never seen any of the 60's beach  movies, and I didn't know Bob Cummings was in any of them. But I do know who Bob Cummings is.

I shared one of my favorite pieces of trivia with them..that Bob Cumming's godfather was Orville Wright. I learned this from watching TVLand. (In checking this out on Wikipedia , I learned that Orville Wright taught him to fly when he was a teenager. Nothing like learning from the masters.). When I first learned this about Cummings, I was really excited about adding such a fascinating piece of trivia to my collection. My excitement dissipated when I started sharing this with people, only to learn that most people don't know who Bob Cummings is and couldn't appreciate it.

Jonathan obviously did know who Bob Cummings is, and so did his wife. It was very gratifying to finally be able to share one of my pet factoids with people who could appreciate it. I am grateful I saw them, and that somehow Bob Cummings got into our conversation.

It's good to have friends my age.