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Writer's Block: Listen to This

If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
Here's 10 CD recommendations. I assume by new it meant "new to the listener".

  1. Hypnotic Clambake-Frozen Live - Hypnotic Clambake is the thinking person's Phish
  2. Todd Rundgren- The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren IMHO the best album by the Rembrandt of Pop
  3. R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders-Chasin' Rainbows Ol' timey music given new life by Crumb and friends. It'll get your toe to tappin' and your mouth to smilin'.
  4. Kevin Ayers-Joy Of A Toy late 60's art rock, but more charming and melodic than most things in that genre
  5. Frank Zappa-Hot Rats Excellent jazz-rock fusion. The perfect album for people who think they don't like Zappa
  6. Chet Baker- Chet Baker with Strings For those romantic evenings
  7. Suzanna McCorkle-Most Requested Songs contains my favorite version of one of my favorite songs, Waters Of March
  8. Eno- Here Come The Warm Jets A brilliant marriage of technology and whimsey that was way ahead of its time. Imagine Radiohead with a sense of humor
  9. Duke Ellington-Three Suites Shows off Duke Ellington's talent as composer, arranger, and musicologist. Don't say you don't like The Nutcracker Suite until you've heard the version on this album
  10. The Unholy Modal Rounders, Micheal Hurley, Jeffrey Fredericks And The Clamtones-Have Moicy! Far-out acid folk at it's finest. This is hippie music even Eric Cartman could love.