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An Amusing Anecdote About Jeremy Bentham

I found it in the chapter on John Stuart Mill in Todd Buchholz's New Ideas From Dead Economists.

It seems Mr. Bentham, (the founder of Utilitarian philosophy) willed his body to the University of London, where it still resides. So he joins Vladimir Lenin in the small club of dead people who are sticking around anyway.

I can see Lenin being kept around. As much as I detest him, he is an iconic figure, and near messianic to those who believe in his asinine political and economic ideas. But the founder of utilitarianism? It makes more sense, and hasn't done as much damage as Leninism, but it doesn't have the pizzazz that would justify keeping the founders body around.

But the funniest part of the story is that his head has been stolen. Buchholz made it sound like something that happened once, but in poking around on the internet to verify this, I gathered that it has happened several times.

I used to think Brits were a stuffy lot, but not anymore. Cow-tipping is small potatoes compared to stealing a famous dead guys head. At least in the arena of college pranks, we Americans must bow to them