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Poetry Reading After Action Report 7/9/2009

There was a pretty decent turnout at the Jackson's Java poetry last night, in spite of the fact that Aerosmith and ZZ Top were playing at the Pavilion down the street. Jonathan was a little concerned at first, but I guess poetry readings and ZZ Top concerts tend to have disjoint sets of attendees.

Anthony Butts, whom I described as a ringer in my last entry, was there again. I guess he is a regular now. Or maybe the official ringer of the Jackson's Java poetry reading. As a preface to his poem, he talked about how he was in a program for the visually and mentally challenged
when he was a child, and pointed out that the poem he was about to read was in terza rima. I don't see how someone who knows what terza rima is can be considered mentally challenged. Hell, I had to look it up. It's a damn shame how kids are misdiagnosed and overdiagnosed in the public school system.

My long time real life friend and brand new livejournal friend onelostbot was there, and joined me at my table. She also read. This was a real treat, since it had been so long since i have seen her in person.

I had 5 memorial haiku. I could have written more, since there were so many celebrities that died since the last poetry reading, but I just didn't have time. Here's the haiku:

Micheal Jackson

You sang and you danced
And brought delight to millions
But damn you were weird

Farrah Fawcett

Your lithe young body
Which adorned many mens walls
Has succumbed to age

Billy Mays

Your curious death
Raised many questions, such as
Where was Vince Offer?

Ed McMahon

A loud booming voice
In heaven cries out to God
“You are correct, sir!"

Robert McNamara

Wilsonian dope
Who micromanaged our war
Led us to defeat



I love the Michael Jackson one!
Thanks :)