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Writer's Block: Party Time

What was the last great party you attended?
It's funny you should ask. I went to a most excellent party Saturday. It was a housewarming party for some ladies that just moved into my neighborhood. One of the ladies I knew from work and the coffee shop. The others I didn't meet until the party.

It was a great party for so many different reasons. They have a cool house. When I came into the  house I heard the Doors playing. I went into the living room, where the stereo was, and I discovered a turntable and a HUGE collection of old vinyl albums! I have a lot of vinyl albums myself, but none of them are in good enough condition to  sound nearly as good as this Doors album did. (As you might guess from the fact that I thought it was a CD or MP3).

They also had a gumball machine, a great big multi-slotted one with gumballs, skittles, and M&M's. I tried to buy some M&M's but it didn't work. It was still a nice decorative touch.

Guests were asked to either bring food or "a 500-word essay explaining why you like us". I brought some fried chicken and some chips, but as a precautionary measure (well really more as a joke) I wrote an essay and emailed it to one of  the hostesses. When I got to the party, I saw she had printed  it out and put it on the refrigerator.

This made me feel special.

There was lots of different kinds of people at the party . There were intellectuals, there were bohemians, and there were a lot of just plain folks. There was an eclectic mix of conversation. I chatted with the hostess about books (both of us had read Forrest Gump before seeing the movie), and with another guest about how much Charlotte had changed and how Eastland Mall used to be a safe place. It was a nice variety.

The highlight of the party was when somebody shouted out "who hasn't been drinking?". I raised my hand. "Can you take us to Lowe's for some plywood?" he asked. I told him I was willing, but wasn't sure if it would fit into my messy car. He said that was OK and held up the keys to his Chevrolet 4x4 pickup truck.


I was absolutely willing to drive. Before we left the truck owner said to me "Don't let it get past 2000 RPM, I've got a valve problem."

Now I am a pretty  typical fuzzy-headed college professor, more comfortable with abstract things like number theory and Austrian economics than I am with real physical machines, but somewhere along the way I had figured out what a tachometer is for. So I was able to look him in the eye and say in a very confident voice "Sure."

And off we went to Lowe's. HIs pick-up truck was the biggest one I had ever driven. Also, this was the first party I'd ever been to when someone had to do a lumber run. I was flattered that a total stranger put that kind of trust in me, and it made me really happy I had quit drinking years ago.

The plywood was for a ramp at the end of a slip-and-slide. On the other side was a baby pool. I didn't partake of the slip-and-slide, but it was fun watching the people who did. Especially the pretty ladies in bathing suits. If I hadn't gotten to drive the pick-up truck, watching them  would have been the highlight of the evening.

It was a swell party.