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Lunch Today

I arrived at the faculty dining room fairly close to closing time today. Coffee is always about to run out about this time, and I always like to have coffee with my dessert. I had a choice between getting it at once, in which case it would be cold by the time I had my dessert, or wait, in which case there was a greater chance it would be gone.

And then it hit me. I don't have to have dessert. I am better off if I don't have dessert. I need to lose weight. And this was a good opportunity to resist the temptation to have dessert. And so I resolved not to. I was proud of myself. I realized that I can rationalize and talk myself out of bad decisions just as easily  as I can talk myself into them. I felt very good about the way I handled the situation.

And then I looked at the dessert table and it hit me again. There were no more desserts. I wouldn't have been able to have dessert anyway.
All that positive thinking and self-motivation for nothing! I can't even give myself credit for not having dessert, all because the kitchen staff didn't make enough desserts!

Stupid faculty dining room. Bah.