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Writer's Block: Let's Be Friends

After a break-up, do you try to remain friends with your former flame? Does it work?
I used to, because I thought it would be petty not to. I've since decided I'm not really obligated to anything beyond basic civility. It would be nice if things could still be the same between the two people, but if they could be the same, why was there a break-up?

I think it's easier to ultimately be friends if you don't try to be friends too soon after the break-up. If you give yourself the distance that  you need, the passions and bad feelings subside more quickly and it's easier to deal rationally with the other person.

All of this is written from the point of view of the person who is dumped. If I was the one who ended the relationship, the decision about whether or not to be friends would really be up to them. I would of course respect their right to deal with it the same way I would.