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Poetry Reading After Action Report 9/10/09

Right before the poetry reading tonight, I got a phone call from queenjoni asking if I'd like to go to dinner with her and spookyelectric1 at Landmark.

Damn it was a tough decision. I haven't seen spookyelectric in forever. But it was poetry night, I'd had a late lunch, and now that SE is going to school where I teach, there will probably be more opportunities to see her than there have been. So I chose to go to the poetry reading as originally planned.

I'm glad I did, because turnout was pretty light. There were about 7 readers. I had 4 dead celebrity haiku, which are reproduced below.

Ted Kennedy

You’ll get an earful
From Mary Joe Kopechne
In the afterlife

Ellie Greenwich

I’ll not let your songs
Be drowned out by Kennedy’s
Death. I’ll sing your praise

Dominick Dunne

Sunny Von Bulow,
Nicole Simpson, and others
Welcome their great scribe

Bob Novak

You wore your ideals,
Like your trademark three-piece suit
Faithfully and well

Everybody seemed to like them, even though I wasn't very nice to Ted Kennedy. As I sat down, it occured to me that I had something in common with Dominick Dunne. Both of us write about dead celebrities.

There are differences of course. He specializes in celebrities who were murdered. Also, he writes magazine articles and books, which are more ambitious than haiku. And I have never hosted a show on TruTV.

OK, maybe we don't have that much in common after all.


I would never expect you to miss a poetry reading! I'm sure I'll see you soon.

I just tried to google your name so I could figure out what building your office is in (Joni told me, but I forgot) but then I found you on youtube! neat!