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Today is September 11th

I think it's important to remember this day, whether it's to honor the dead, celebrate our country, or ponder lessons learned.

Here are a couple of clips from the Concert for New York City held roughly a month later as a response. Both are of David Bowie, and both reflect things we should think about today.

The first is his cover of Simon& Garfunkel's America. This is a beautiful song. It celebrates America as a country that is big and free and inspires beautiful poetry. It's a song that both flag-waving Kate Smith fans and the less traditionally patriotic can both appreciate--in other words, bring people together in appreciation of America.

And here he is singing his old standby Heroes. It's true that it can be seen as ironic. But another interpretation, more likely on this occasion, is that even the most deeply flawed among us can be heroes if only "just for one day". This truth has probably never been illustrated so well as it was on 9/11.

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