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At The Coffee Shop Tonight

There was a really bad, bland cover  of the Four Tops "Same Old Song" playing on the radio. I remarked on how bad it was, and that it reminded me of the really awful R&B covers James Taylor does.

I then said someone needs to write him a letter telling him "Dear James Taylor, YOU   ARE WHITE".

The barrista heard what I said and told me I should write a newspaper column. I didn't think what I said was clever enough to warrant giving me a newspaper column. But I appreciated that she liked what I had to say. And it made me feel guilty that I had gone so long without making a blog entry when there was someone who had such faith in my eloquence.

Thus this entry.


Ah, no need to apologize. I don't blog with depth and eloquence that much these days myself.
Although I think you would be good enough to write columns. Maybe you should write on economics...the world needs more economic understanding.

"Dear James Taylor, YOU ARE WHITE".

Heeheehee...Reminds me of that joke that said: "You know the world's gone crazy when the best rapper is a white guy and the best golfer is a black guy". Although I detest said white rapper, so I can't really say he's the "best". (I detest him not for any reasons related to colour, but because his lyrics are so downright awful and even, I'd say, nihilistic.)

Edited at 2009-09-27 05:23 am (UTC)
You know who I hate & would like to remind that he is indeed white? Michael McDonald. I can't stand the way he sings! He sounds like someone doing a bad impression of Michael McDonald. I also hate the phrase "blue-eyed soul." Matt Ross also hates him and he likes to say "Michael McDonald ruined the Doobie Brothers, and they sucked to begin with." While I do agree that he RUINED the Doobie Brothers, I think they did have some good songs pre-MM.
I don't like MM either, and have never been a Doobie Brothers fan (except maybe "Black Water" which nearly everyone likes.)

And at least James Taylor knows he doesn't sound like the original artists and is honest enough not to try to (and I also think he is good when he stays in his own niche...I've always loved "Sweet Baby James.")

But I don't really *hate* Michael McDonald, mostly because I don't think about him enough to hate him.