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Apocalypse Now And Avoid The Christmas Rush

I want to get the most embarrassing part of this article out of the way first: I didn't have a girlfriend until I was a legal adult living away from home. I realize that doesn't explain much about the title of this post, but that will be clarified presently.

I worked at a sandwich shop called Sadlack's Heroes when I was living in Raleigh. There was a couple I had known in Charlotte, Randy and Melody, who also lived in Raleigh at the same time I did, and would come in sometimes. They are living in Charlotte now, and I saw them in the coffee shop the other day. Melody reminded me of when she and Randy used to come in to Sadlack's Heroes, and she said she particularly remembered a sign I'd made and hung in the  shop. It said "APOCALYPSE NOW AND AVOID THE CHRISTMAS RUSH". She thought it was clever. Well, she at least thought it was memorable.

I met my first girlfriend Natalie while I was working at Sadlack's. I think about her now and then, and talking to Melody got me to thinking about her more than I usually do. I decided to see if she was on facebook. Her last name is tricky to spell, so I thought it would be difficult, but it wasn't. I found her and recognized her picture instantly (which is impressive since it's been 30 years...she's done a good job of taking care of her body and I've done a good job of taking care of my memory.). I sent her a friend request.

She responded the same day, and also sent a note to my  inbox. The header was "APOCALYPSE NOW AND AVOID THE CHRISTMAS RUSH!". I'd forgotten that silly little sign, but apparently it's one of the main things a large subset of my friends remember about me.


Sadlacks sounds interesting! If I'm ever in the US I'll have to visit. :)