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My Weekend

It was not particularly special, but I haven't made an entry in a long time (a week is a long time for me) and I want to  to get back in the habit again.

I got my blood pressure prescription refilled. My refills had elapsed, and I'd gone for way too long without it. I was dreading calling cousindoc and asking him to phone me in a prescription. I knew he would be upset for letting it lapse. I knew in my mind that getting pulmonary edema is a lot worse than getting scolded, but I had trouble acting on that belief.

I called Elle before I called cousindoc. I needed someone to give me a pep talk. She was very gentle about it and very helpful. I am  not a big fan of pep talks. I usually don't like to solicit them (I figure I should motivate myself) and really hate them when they are unsolicited. But with Elle is different, and I am very grateful for her. I called cousindoc and didn't get scolded as severely as I expected. I got the medicine Friday night and am feeling a lot better than I was.

Friday night/Saturday morning I went to Amelie's for the first time with bastardx , his lovely wife LadyX, and our mutual friend Gilbert (not his real name, except it kinda is.) That was a lot of fun. It has a nice atmosphere and EXCELLENT pastries, although they are a bit pricey. Next time I have a vacation I might spend the night there reading a book (am I an exciting guy or what?).

Late Saturday night I went to my friend Martha's (not her real name) house and watched a Zach Galifianikis video. I've liked him on Bored To Death, but was somewhat underwhelmed by his stand-up performance. Parts of it were funny, but he spent too much time playing the piano, displaying his angst, and dropping the names of people like Noam Chomsky and Charles Bukowski.

In fairness, part of my reaction might have been  because of lavish praise I'd heard of him that it wasn't fair to expect him to live up to. Also, I really wanted to be home in bed instead of at Martha's house watching a video, and that probably had some effect on my opinion. Maybe I'll give him another chance sometime. (Like he would care.)

And that was my weekend.


"I knew in my mind that getting pulmonary edema is a lot worse than getting scolded, but I had trouble acting on that belief."

Yes, I know that too. But scolding's no fun either. Especially when that person's opinion means something to you...

Otherwise, it sounded like a good weekend. :)
Amelie's is amazing! I love the macaroons and the chocolate mousse cup. If you feel like going anytime soon and want some company, let me know- it's kinds close to my house.