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My Laundry Room

I have water on the floor of my laundry room. I am a little worried that it is from my washing machine.

But when I took a shower yesterday, I didn't have any hot water. So something is definitely wrong with my water heater. I am hoping that it is leaking and is the source of the water. That sounds like a weird thing to hope for, but if that is the case I'll have only one thing that needs to be repaired (water heater) instead of two (water heater and washing machine).

On the upside, I finally changed the lightbulbs in the overhead light in the laundry room. I haven't changed them in a very long time. But I recently replaced the laundry room door with one that has no glass in it, so it became necessary When this was my father's house, he used to always nag me to turn off the laundry room lights, because he said they were really hard to change. They're not.

I'll probably have to get a new water heater. Pretty soon my house is going to have more new parts than Cher.