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Victor Gunnarsson

The other night I caught an episode of TruTV's Forensic Files about   Victor Gunnarsson, who was murdered in 1993 in Salisbury NC. I mostly had the TV on as background noise while I was going to sleep, but I perked up and paid attention to this for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is  this murder occurred just 40 miles away from me. It made the local papers. The other reason is that Gunnarsson was a suspect in the assasination of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme. I remember this intrigued me when I first read about it. It looked at first like it was a big international news story taking place in the sleep little town of Salisbury.

It wasn't though. It didn't get much attention beyond local news. I remember sitting next to a guy from Salilsbury in a bar a few years later, and I struck up a conversation about the case. He seemed impressed that I knew about it. "I don't know you from Tom" he said, "but  you know about Victor!". (He actually used some nickname I forgot instead of Victor.) So apparently the folks in Salisbury  didn't expect it to be a national case.

Watching the Forensics Files show, I began to understand why the story was not as big as I thought it would be. It seems that it's just a coincidence that Gunnarson was implicated in Palme's assasination. He was dating the Kay Weden, the  ex-wife of a very jealous local policeman. Her mother was also murdered, which suggests that someone really wanted to hurt Weden.

There was some talk of conspiracy (one guest said that  many believe that the CIA was behind both Palme's and Gunnarsson's deaths). But he was one of two people connected to Kay Weden  that were murdered, and this makes the revenge scenario more likely. If  you can use a coincidence to suggest a conspiracy theory, certainly you should be able to use a coincidence to reject one.

It would have been fun if it were a conspiracy though. That probably sounds morbid, but if it were a CIA job poor Kay Weden's mother would probably not have been murdered.