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A Strange Dream

I don't usually have vivid dreams, but last night I had a doozie.

spookyelectric1 had invited me to a dinner party, and she told me I could bring my father.

So pop and I arrived at what I guess was se's home, and there were lots and lots of people there. I just assumed she had a large extended family. For some reason, I felt like I needed to change clothes so I went off to one of the bedrooms to change.

When I got back, pop started berating me for going off by myself instead of socializing.This was pretty typical. Whenever my father is in one of my dreams he is yelling at me or criticizing me about something.

When I left the party it was daylight. For some reason Pop was not with me (dreams are like that).  I noticed I was in the Southend area, which is a long way from where I work. I was concerned about getting to work on time, so I asked a passing stranger what time it was. He told me it was 9:30. I panicked, because my first class was at 8:00, and I was giving a test. I tried to call in, but someone had taken my cell phone.

About this time I woke up. It was 4 in the morning.

I can't explain all of the dream, but the end of it is pretty easy. I really do teach an 8:00 class and I really did give a test today. Being a very devout believer in Murphy's law, I was concerned that I would sleep through my alarm. I guess my brain was trying to help  me out by giving me a nightmare that woke me up. I wish I could set my nightmares as accurately as I set my alarm clock (which went off at 6:00 and which I did not sleep through.)

I'm not sure why spookyelectric was involved. I didn't even get to see her at the dinner party! That would have made it a more pleasant dream, but it's just as well that I didn't.  I probably would have gotten so engrossed in talking to her I really would have slept through my alarm.


"Whenever my father is in one of my dreams he is yelling at me or criticizing me about something."

Hmm. I think that's pretty significant...

I've dreamt about sleeping through important things and missing them too.


Let me make myself clear, anytime you are a guest in my home please do whatever you need to in order to feel comfortable, including ducking into a bedroom to change your clothes. Hopefully we'll get to speak soon in real life!

Re: nonsense

Why thank you , you are very hospitable.

Also, I have been looking at some old posts and have discovered I have been very lax about responding to comments in general, including yours.

Please don't think I'm awful. OK, go ahead and think I'm awful, but could you forgive me for it?

Re: nonsense

I don't think you're awful and I forgive you!