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It looks like Charlotte is an unusually blue city. Even though there were signs of a Republican comeback in New Jersey and Virginia, the Democrats did very well here yesterday. We have the first Democratic mayor in 22 years,and the Democrats have a significant majority on the city council.

I voted early last Thursday, and no one  I voted for won.  I went just to vote for John Lassiter for mayor and Travis Wheat for Charlotte city council. There was a 60-something Indian man standing outside the polling place. He stopped me and asked me to vote for his daughter, Jaye Rao.

Just eyeballing her credentials, she looked like she was pretty much on the same page as me politically. And her father seemed like  such a nice man and was imploring me to vote for his little girl (my words, not his). So heck, I did.

Rao and Wheat were the two lowest vote getters in the city council race. And since there were no third party candidates in the mayoral race, Lassiter was the lowest vote getter in the mayoral race.

It makes me wonder if I am a jinx. Maybe next time I will vote for candidates I don't like.