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Jumped sharks and lonely petunias

My weekend conversation with my brother continues to provide grist for my blogging mill. We had talked about the late lamented Arrested Development, and he mentioned an episode where Henry Winkler had jumped over a shark. This was of course an allusion to the episode of Happy Days that gave rise to the phrase "Jumping the shark".

What reminded me of this was watching some old episodes of Six Feet Under, one of which was a definitive shark-jumping episode.
It was a season 4 episode where everyone in the family was singing a song called "I'm A Lonely Little Petunia (in an onion patch)" to Nate's little girl Maya.  It was kind of a family tradition, Ruth Fisher having sung the song to all of the now grown children when they were small.
Later in the episode, Nate receives a visit from his deceased wife Lisa. Dead people are always dropping in for a chat on this show, so that was no biggie. What was noteworthy is that she was dressed as a giant petunia. She looked like a refugee from an elementary school play.

The first word that came to mind upon seeing her was "shark". "Petunia" was only the second. If this was not a shark-jumping moment I have never seen one.

The closing music was an annoying new-age rendition of "I'm A Lonely Little Petunia" , sung in a wispy voice by a woman named Imogen Heap.

The very worst thing about the episode is that now I can't get that Petunia song out of my head.

Stupid petunias.