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My Day So Far

Today I got my hair cut by Mai Le. She has been cutting my hair for years. The first time she cut my hair was when Jackson's Java was right next to the salon where she worked. I'd gone there because graduation was coming up and I needed to look good (or at least less bad). After she was done, I went next door to get a cup of coffee and the barrista said to me "Doc, you're all dressed up!".

I wasn't dressed up. The haircut was that good.

So I've been going back to see her ever since. Seeing her is always a treat. She's very nurturing, and she laughs at my jokes and makes me somewhat less repulsive to women. Only once have I gotten a haircut from anyone else, and I felt so guilty for cheating on Mai Le I never did it again.

She is at a different salon now. I haven't seen her since she moved, which was a while back. Since I won't let anybody else cut my hair, I was looking a lot like Chewbacca. She got to work and made me look less like a wookie than I have in a long time. After looking at her handiwork in the mirror I told her "you are a Rembrandt".

I went back to the Jackson's Java and finished grading some tests I had started on last night. It was nice to get those done, even though there are a couple of classes worth to go.

I got a text message from queenjoni . She asked me if I wanted to go to dinner at 7:00 with her and spookyelectric1. Why yes I do.

And that's why I am making this entry now. I have plans for the evening and don't want to chance not getting a post in today.  I don't want to break naplopomo.

It's a good day. By the time it is over, I will have spent time with three people I am very fond of but have not seen in a long long time.