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An Old Man Discovers Weezer

Weezer is running a contest among universities to win a free concert. A lot of my facebook friends are voting in it and encouraging others to vote. I think I'm going to vote too, if I can remember to take time out from other time wasting activities and my actual responsibilities.

I only recently became familiar with Weezer's music, although I've been aware of their existence for some time . I used to notice their CD's in Media Play because I was a Ween fan, and Ween's CD's were in the rack right in front of Weezer's. For many years, Weezer to me was The Band That Isn't Ween.

Once I asked one of the hip young kids that work there what kind of music Weezer did. He sneered and said "They're emo." I didn't know what he meant by that. I am of the generation that thinks emo is this guy. I was able to figure out that he didn't like them.

I've since figured out what emo is, and that Weezer is not emo. If Beverly Hills is not good time boogie rock, I don't know what is. No self-respecting emo kid would ever listen to such a peppy song. (We will leave aside the question of whether there exists a self-respecting emo kid.) Maybe early Weezer was emo. Or maybe the definition of emo for the kid at the store was "any music I don't like".

I can't believe at the age of 51 I am jumping into the "is weezer emo?" debate.

Aside from knowing they weren't Ween, and being completely confused as to whether they were emo, I didn't know much about their music for a long time. Of course I heard their music, but I didn't know it was them when I heard it. Then came the Beaches Family Resorts commercial. I found the song in the commercial to be a pleasant little tune and wanted to find out who did it. So I did a little googling and discovered that the song was Weezer's Island In The Sun.

"So that's who Weezer is!" i thought. They were the band that did the pleasant little song in the TV commercial. Also, I had learned what emo meant by this time and was pretty sure it didn't describe Weezer. Emo does not encompass pleasant little tunes.

After making this discovery, I searched youtube for Weezer videos and discovered which other tunes I'd heard a million times were also by Weezer. My favorite of the bunch, both as a video and a song, was "Pork And Beans". The video is like a lot of their songs. It's not brilliant, but well-crafted and lots of fun.

How can anyone not like a band that sings of being true to yourself and eating as many pork and beans as you want?

My father used to compare things that weren't great but good enough to Howard Johnson's restaurants. "You don't get the best food in the world there, but you can count on a decent meal." he would say. I could use that analogy for Weezer. But since I am younger and hipper than he was, I'll just compare them to Smashmouth.

And they're a helluva lot better than Matchbox 20.


Weezer is (was) a pretty significant band for me, and I think I am correct in assuming they were significant for most of my friends. In high school we listened to the Blue Album and Pinkerton constantly. I think there is something about the music you listen to while driving around after you (or your friends) first get their drivers license that will always stick with you and remind you of being a teenager.
I saw Weezer in concert twice. The first time was at the old coliseum, they had just released the Green Album which was their comeback record after not releasing anything or touring for many years. I'll always remember it because it just so happened that my mom had died two days before the concert. I know that sounds horrible, I lost my mom then went to a rock concert, and maybe I am horrible. I was really having a hard time, and my dad encouraged me to go. I am really glad I went because being surrounded by my friends, singing along with our favorite band and just being 16 was probably the best thing I could have done. The second time was in Atlanta.
I think most people who really liked their first two albums gave up on them after the green album. I'm not familiar with any of their newer stuff but I would certainly like to attend a free concert at school...
It's not at all horrible that you went to the Weezer concert after your mom died. You needed something like that.

And it makes me think well of your father that he encouraged you to go.

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