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Going Rogue

I picked up my copy of Sara Palin's Going Rogue at Books-A-Million Tuesday night. I'd bought a voucher for it on my last trip there. I'll probably start reading it sometime next week.

I remember being excited about John McCain choosing her as his running mate, well before there was any hype about her, positive or negative. She was the only one with executive experience on either ticket. She had well-developed ideas on energy policy that I agreed with, and she was governor of the only state that had to have a Russia policy. And no, she never said "I can see Russia from my house." That was Tina Fey.

Although I am not a hater of Sarah Palin, I am also not a hagiographer. She has her faults, like everyone does. Resigning as governor of Alaska was probably not a good thing, although I've heard arguments to the contrary. Her interview with Katie Couric was not a shining moment.

But for every fair and accurate criticism of Palin, there have been dozens of smears with little or no foundation in fact, starting with the bizarre rumor that she was not Trig's mother. She is the left's Emmanuel Goldstein.

That's a huge part of the reason I bought the book. I want to hear her side of things. One of the people interviewed in the video below makes the same point. When it's suggested by Nora O'Donnell that the book is about "settling scores", he correctly says that it's more about setting the record straight.

Of course I noticed that O'Donnell did managed to stump the young girl she interviews. Probably because the girl is about thirteen years old.
Oh well.

I'm looking forward to reading Ms. Palin's book.