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Star Party!!

There was a star party on campus last night. There were no celebrities there, just celestial bodies in the sky, and powerful telescopes to look at them. It was held out on a big field near the observatory.

I looked through several of the telescopes. One of them was powerful enough to let me see the craters on the moon. I also got a look at the moon through another telescope, as well as Jupiter and Uranus.

muffdaddysmooth and spookyelectric1 were there. I think spooky was there for a class. She was carrying a clipboard and taking notes. She was wearing a white coat that, along with the clipboard made her look like a scientist.

The field had no outdoor lights. This was of course one of the criteria for choosing it as the location, since any artificial light would make the stars harder to see. It gave me a new appreciation of how dark it gets at night. Of course I have figured out in my 51 years on this earth that it does get dark at night. But it struck me while out on the field how much artificial light I'm usually around at night, even in places that I don't think of as well-lit. There were some distant lights on campus that added a small amount of illumination, but that was about it.

I felt like I was in the middle of one of those movies where young people are playfully out frolicking at night, unaware that they are about to be devoured by monsters from outer space.
Of course I am not a young person, but I would be devoured too. I would be the avuncular doddering old man who did not notice the space monster until it was too late. My last word would be "eh?".

spookyelectric would escape. She would be the classic studious, quietly pretty young woman who turns into an alluring temptress in the third act. Of course if she got devoured before the third act, she could never turn into said temptress.No self-respecting filmmaker would stand for that.

But it wasn't a horror movie, it was real life. So I didn't get devoured by a space monster, and I am grateful for that. I am also grateful that spookyelectric didn't, and wouldn't have even if it had been a horror movie.