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Today In History

As I said on the entry this same day last year, this is the anniversary of two events, one historically significant, the other significant only to my friends, family, and me.

The historically significant event was of course the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. His death is one of my earliest memories. To be strictly accurate, I don't really remember anyone saying "the president's been shot", just the aftermath. I'm not going to get into the conspiracy theories, because I haven't looked at them closely enough. Although I can say that if the Dallas Police Department had done a better job of guarding Lee Harvey Oswald, there might be a little more consensus about what really happened.

The personally significant event is that in 2001 I drank my last alcoholic beverage. I gave the details in an earlier posting, and won't bore the reader with them here.

I've managed to stay sober without going to treatment or Alcoholics Anonymous. I'm not saying that's the way for everybody, but it seems to have worked for me. And honestly, I am so damn stubborn and independent that AA meetings would probably just drive me to drink.

One good thing about AA is the "chips" system they have where you pick up a chip on anniversaries of sobriety. This is a good thing, because it's hard to celebrate such anniversaries. You can't go out and drink. So a chip is a good reinforcer. It's like reaching the next level in a video game.

I wouldn't feel right about only going to AA meetings once a year to pick up a chip. So I allow myself a shopping spree every Nov.22, usually buying things from my Amazon wish list. I went a little crazier than usual this year, allowing myself to buy 6 books. That might have been overdoing it, but if Hayek's Law, Liberty And Legislation were available in one volume, I would have kept it down to 4. I'll be more restrained next year, I promise. And for anybody besides me that cares, when these books arrive I still will have read more than I purchased this year.

Here's what I bought myself:

Maybe I should reconsider AA. It might be cheaper. :)


Good on you. I think you deserve those books. :)
That's what I kept telling myself!
Hey, if you can't celebrate by drinking...I think it's a very healthy way for you to celebrate.