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Mariah Carey's weight

OK, you can tell that it's nearing the end of NaBloPoMo by my choice of topics. I don't have the energy left to write about things like monetary policy or Aristotle's political philosophy.

My current topic occurred to me as I was standing in a supermarket checkout line last night, reading the tabloid headlines. Apparently Mariah Carey has gained some weight. It reminded me of several months earlier, when US magazine had a cover celebrating Mariah Carey's weight loss. There were before and after pictures. I kept looking at the before picture and wondering "what the hell was wrong with that?".
She looked like a woman and not like a 12-year-old. Maybe that's considered a bad thing these days.

I did some googling about Mariah Carey's weight and found this article at thatsfit.com. There are a couple of pictures, and she looks just fine in a bathing suit. Maybe she could stand to lose just a few pounds, but still she looks rather alluring as you can see from the pictures below:

I'll admit the picture on the right is a bit unflattering. But that's because she's standing so near the guy with the black jacket that his sleeve blends in with her bathing suit, making her look bigger than she is.

Even though I am a red-blooded all american heterosexual shallow sexist male, I am starting to think feminists are on to something with the body image issue. But unlike feminists, I don't think it's the fault of us RBAAHSSM's. We like women who have breasts and hips and curves. I think it's the fashion industry that's pushing the malnourished 12-year-old look.


And some of the feminists go too far in opposing it. For instance, the ones who refuse to shave, or are even scared of the idea of "grooming". (Not an exaggeration - Tammy Bruce ran into someone like that when she worked for NOW)