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I got back from visiting my brother and his wife's family in Asheville. It was a great thanksgiving, as I noted yesterday.I l also got to see my sister's new beau Clark. He seems like a good guy. It was great seeing all of them, especially my niece Andi and nephew Barney.

Andi is as lovely as ever, and she seems to still like me even though she is very close to being a teenager. Barney is awesome. He has been learning the violin, and in general seems smart as a whip. I heard him talking to Clark about what happens when an insect loses a leg. "If an animal can walk on four legs" he said , "an insect can walk on five." There might be flaws in that argument, but I was impressed that a seven year old had put that much thought into the matter. I would love to have a student as willing to exert mental energy as he is.

When I got home, the postman rang my doorbell with a package for me. An old high school friend of mine sent me a Chia Obama for no apparent reason. I remember years ago he gave me a Mr.T air freshener for Christmas. In addition to being grateful for such a wonderful family, I am thankful to have an old friend who is so generous who understands my taste in kitsch so well. It was a perfect finale for the Thanksgiving holiday.