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Global Warming source code

Before today,I haven't written anything about the mass release of hacked emails from Hadley CRU. I've had mixed feelings about it. The idea of hacking emails is distasteful to me, and I've tended so far to view them as the fruit of the poisonous tree. On the other hand, these were emails sent in a public institution. If they had been the personal emails of say, James Hansen or Phil Jones, my feelings would be a lot less mixed. That would be more clearly wrong.

I can't be quiet about the revelations of flawed source code that came out though. From what I can gather from this article in American Thinker, it looks like the programs written to model the data are biased towards warming. It's admittedly a complex article that I have only viewed casually. But I'm glad it's out for public inspection, no matter how it was obtained. It's analysis of data will be the basis for very sweeping international policy changes. If any code in the world should be open source, it's this code.


I'm not happy about the hacking either. Then again, I'm not too surprised that they found what they did...that is, if the hackers are being honest.