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Books, book people, and Italo Calvino

Today Elle returned a couple of books I had loaned her. They were Italo Calvino's Baron In The Trees and Thomas Woods' 33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask.

I had forgotten about these books, but a couple of weeks ago she reminded me that she still needed to give back The Baron In The Trees, but didn't have it because she had loaned it to her son. It reminded us both of the time she had read Confederacy Of Dunces, which I had recommended to her. She liked it so much that when her son had to choose a book to read for a class in high school, she suggested it and loaned him her copy.

(The embeded video is my lame attempt at a flashback effect)

What's interesting is that a couple of weeks before that conversation, my friend Hannah told me she had just finished reading Calvino's If On A Winter's Night A Traveler, and said she would loan me that if I loaned her The Baron In The Trees. I told her I'd have to find it, but that it sounded like a good deal. I'd forgotten Elle hadn't returned it. I am glad I was too lazy to look for it, because I would have felt really stupid when Elle told me she still had it.

All this speaks very well of Italo Calvino's appeal as an author. And if I do say so myself, it speaks well of the quality of books I recommend to Elle.

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