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Poetry Reading After Action Report 12/10/2009

The December poetry readings are pretty predictable. I am always too busy to write new poetry, but since it is Christmas time, I always bring along my handy dandy Christmas sonnet.

I thought I was arriving just in time, but soon realized the reading would not start immediately. So I went out to my car to get some reading material. I was only going to be out there for a minute, so I left my jacket inside.

It was cold outside. Probably the time I most miss my mother, who died in 1995, is in cold weather. The cold reminds me of how she would admonish me to bundle up more. I'll admit it was annoying when she was alive, but now that she is gone I miss her being concerned about me. It's funny what triggers memory.

I was up near the end of the reading, and during this time my foot had time to fall asleep. When Jonathan called my name, I started stomping it on the ground to wake it up. "Oh his foot's asleep" said Jonathan. At first I suggested someone else go up ahead of me, but then I got up and found it wasn't that hard to walk on. So I hobbled up to the microphone.

I was near the back of the coffee shop, so everyone watched me limp up to the mic. It was just like the stock tear-jerker scene where the little lame boy makes a heroic trek. "If this was a movie" I said to everyone "everybody would be crying." But they weren't, because I wasn't really a little lame boy. I was a big middle-aged man whose foot had fallen asleep.

Once up at the mic I announced what I was going to read, and told the old-timers who had heard it before that if they wanted to go outside for a smoke it wouldn't hurt my feelings. Then I read my sonnet, which I have included below:

A Christmas Benediction

May tigers, wolves, and wildebeests not wait
Outside your door. May scary monsters flee
Your domicile. Let poltergeists vacate
Your home and not end you felicity.

May passion fruit and armagnac and cheese
From Holland grace your table every day.
May angels guard your cupboard; Let it please
Them always to keep lack and want at bay.

May loved ones all seem lovelier and foes
Bring chocolates to your door. May strangers greet
You as a friend and may you see in those
You know unknown virtues you’ve yet to meet.

May blessings fall at Christmastime my friend
On you like snowflakes falling without end.

After I finished reading, I continued with the little lame boy motif by saying "God bless us, everyone". Which also fit nicely with the Christmas motif.

It was a good poetry reading. God bless us, everyone.


That is a lovely poem.
Why thank you. :)