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Writer's Block: Simply wonderful

It's often said that the simple things in life are the most precious. What small pleasures make you the happiest?
This makes me think of a particular moment in my life that doesn't sound that big, but I'll always remember as a particularly happy moment. I had been doing volunteer work at a homeless shelter. After all the homeless folk were in bed, I went back to the office to read  the copy of William F. Buckley's Stained Glass I'd bought with me. As I sat there reading, I thought to myself "THIS is what happiness is." I had just put a lot of time and energy into doing something worthwhile. I was tired enough to be relaxed, but not really fatigued. I was just relaxed enough to enjoy the really good book I had with me. That perfect storm made it one of the most memorably happy moments of my life. In a previous post I'd said that "happiness is more a matter of recognition than pursuit". It was the evening I described above that eventually led me to that conclusion.