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I woke up early this morning, a little before 6:00. I had fallen asleep with the television, as I usually do. I'd been watching HBO. "Cathouse" was on when I woke up.

True Romance  was on next. I regretted that I didn't have time to watch the whole thing, because I had to go to work. But I was able to watch it through the big shootout with the pimp character that Gary Oldman played.

I hated I wasn't able to watch more, because I haven't seen it in years. The opening scene with Christian Slater sitting in a bar singing the praises of Elvis Presley made a very strong and favorable impression the first time I saw it. This was in the early 90's, after a decade of movies that depended way too much on special effects. I was amazed to see a movie where someone actually cared about writing dialogue. Or writing anything.

I've wondered if that scene might seem dated if I saw it again. I'm very happy to say that it wasn't. I know there is debate over how great a director Quentin Tarantino is, but he is unquestionably a great screenwriter.

I also had time to hear that great opening sequence with Patricia Arquette doing narration over that gorgeous xylophone music of Carl Orff. The combination of female voiceover with that music had been done before in Badlands and would be done again in Miller High Life's Girl In The Moon  commercial but it never gets old. At least not for me.

Today is the day of the big immigrant strike, and there are lots of rallies. Immigration policiy is a complex and thorny issue than I want to go into here. But here's a pretty easy observation: it's not a good PR move to have them on May Day, which is most famous for being a Communist holiday.

Communism is an inferior economic system. Only capitalism could give us the Girl In The Moon.