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A Trip To Books-A-Million

I know, I buy too many books. But Thomas Sowell latest book, Intellectuals And Society, is out,  and I'm always up for a new Thomas Sowell book.
I went with the full intention of not making it a huge shopping spree.

I picked up the Sowell book and a couple of magazines, and I should have left the store immediately, but I couldn't resist browsing. For the most part, I was pretty strong. I was tempted by Whores, an autobiography of Larry Klayman, and Literary Life, a memoir by Larry McMurtry.
I resisted though.

Other books I passed up more easily. One book that briefly intrigued me was The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America by Drew Pinsky. I watch  Pinsky's Celebrity Rehab occasionally and enjoy it, and I though it would be interesting to read Pinsky's thoughts. Then it occurred to me that by watching Celebrity Rehab I was part of the problem. And then it occurred to me that Drew Pinsky was an even bigger part of the problem by hosting it. So I passed. (I may weaken and buy it yet...but for then, my concerns about hypocrisy really helped me to fight temptation.)

Another book intrigued me for about two seconds, but was even easier not to buy than the Drew Pinsky book. It was called  Wealth Watchers: A Simple Plan To Help You Spend Less And Save More. That sounds like an admirable goal, but I can spend less and save more by just not buying that book.

It looked like I was going to get out of the store with only one book. Then I passed by the discount cart. There was a book called  The Beautiful Cigar Girl.  Beautiful girls AND cigars certainly makes for an enticing title. I stopped to look at the cover. The subtitle was "Mary Rogers, Edgar Allen Poe And The Invention Of Murder". Uh-oh. That was really alluring. I didn't know who Mary Rogers was, but those second two sure sounded like they would make for some fun reading.  And then I looked at the price. It was two dollars. For a hardcover, no less.

That crushed my last ounce of willpower. I had two books and two magazines by the time I got to the checkout counter. Oh well, I've still read
more books than I have purchased. And they asked me if I wanted to round up my final total and give the change to Haitian relief. I agreed. I like this policy, and would encourage any book-buyers to patronize Books-A-Million and round  your purchase up.