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For No One

For No One is one of my favorite Beatles songs. Although credited to Lennon/McCartney, it is really a Paul McCartney song, an uncharacteristically melancholy song. John Lennon has said it's one of his favorite McCartney songs.

I was looking for a video of it and found this cover by Elliot Smith. He does a pretty decent interpretation,as you might expect. This kind of song was right up his alley. One commenter said she liked it better than the original. I'm not sure that she's wrong, although I do miss the french horn.

Elliot Smith is another of those people who died when he was younger than I am now, but did a lot more with  his life. I sometimes attribute my own lack of achievement to all those  years I spent drinking, but Elliot Smith managed to compile an impressive body of work while being an even bigger  substance abuser than I was. *sigh*. I should probably not think about  such things.