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Movies and their associations

I had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch today. I guess I must be a real media geek because just typing those words made me think of the famous diner scene from the 1970 Jack Nicholson film, Five Easy Pieces.

I'm not the only one who makes the association so quickly. A while back a friend of mine embedded the same video on his facebook wall because his wife had just made chicken salad.

You know a movie is well made when it changes the way you think about something as mundane as chicken salad. Apocalypse Now has a similar scene, where Colonel Kurtz talks about a town in Ohio he remembers as smelling as if  "heaven had fallen to earth in the form of gardenias".

For me at least, this scene did for gardenias what the Five Easy Pieces scene did for chicken salad. I remember one night a young woman gave me a ride home from the coffee shop. She was very pretty and smelled very nice. I ask her what scent she was wearing and she told me "gardenia". My very next words were "have you ever seen Apocalypse Now?"


Ah, if you're a media geek then I'm a TOTAL media geek. I see a place called Halsey Street and think of Catherine Halsey from The Fountainhead. There are too many other examples to mention. :)

Something funny - I was in a Rand phase when I was about 18, and one day I looked up and saw the logo for an architect named Peter Cresswell. Maybe I had just been thinking about Ayn Rand and her novels too much, but the...well, spirit I got from that logo reminded me of Howard Roark. Was it only the "architect" connection? Later I found that Peter Cresswell the architect is a VERY passionate (a bit too passionate) Objectivist.