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Poetry Reading After Action Report 2/11/2010

There was a very good crowd at the poetry reading tonight. There were 14 readers, and it was a good mix of regulars and newcomers. A lot of the poets had books coming out.  Jonathan remarked that when he started doing the reading 11 years ago, none of the readers had published anything, and now most of the regulars were either editing poetry journals or had a book of their own stuff out (in Jonathan's case it's both.) He seemed very proud of the accomplishments of his friends.

I was the last to read, with my usual dead people haiku, which can be read below.

Jean Simmons

Kiss fans weep today
What’s that…ACTRESS Jean Simmons?
Oh. Never mind then

JD Salinger

If you really want
To hear about it, he wrote
Some very good books

Charlie Wilson

You kicked commie butt
As only a Texan can
Well done, congressman

Howard Zinn

A history book
With bias, but no footnotes
Was your gravy train


"A history book
With bias, but no footnotes
Was your gravy train"

I've never read it, but that's probably true. From what I hear, it was not a warts-and-all representation of America, just the warts. Probably with a few non-existent warts thrown in for good measure.