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The Dow closed at a 6-year high today, and is less than 150 points away from its all-time high of 11722.98.
I did not beat the Dow in my trading portfolio, but I did slightly better than the S&P and the Nasdaq.
So on average I did about the same as the major indices, and when the major indices are on a tear, that is good.
Also, my portfolio reached a record high this week. YAY.

Yesterday USA Today ran an article on closed-end funds. Closed-end funds are kind of like mutual funds, except that there are a fixed number of shares (hence, closed-end) that often trade at a value less than the value of the stock one share represents. If you buy them when that value is a lot less, they appreciate more. (The linked articles do a better job of explaining this than I do)

I was gratified to read this article. I have been a fan of closed-end funds for a while now, and own  three of them (RTU,
GCS, and FCT) in my IRA. Reading about them in USA Today gives me the same kind of feeling a kid gets when the band he liked before they were popular actually becomes popular. And there's more than just the ego boost. People might start buying the closed-end funds
I own, thus driving up the price.



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