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They Might Be Giants!!!

Elle took me out to see They Might Be Giants at the Visulite  for my birthday (day after actually , but they weren't in town on my birthday.) Before the show, we had dinner at The Dish. I ate there with queenjoni there a while back and was quite impressed, so I'd always wanted to take Elle there. But it worked just as well that Elle took me. :)  spookyelectric1  just happened to be eating  there and came up to  to say hi while we were waiting for our table, and I got to introduce her to Elle.  She was also going to the TMBG show that night.

I got the cajun meatloaf, and Elle got nachos. After dinner we had pie and coffee. Elle got key lime, and I got chocolate pecan. It was a delicious birthday dinner.

Then we were off to the show. I was so excited. Seeing TMBG has always been a bucket list item for me. I don't follow the local music scene much anymore, so the last time I was at the Visulite was to see a movie (and to give you an even better idea of how out of touch I am, the last time I was at the Milestone was to see REM!!).  I could still see a couple of remnants of the movie theatre days. There was a marquee outside, and a gargoyle above the stage. There were no seats as such, but Elle and I found a good place to stand, right behind the sound man.

They put on an excellent show. I haven't followed their recording career closely  for a while, so it occurred to me they could play an entire concert of songs I had never heard. Thankfully I was wrong.  Some of the songs  were newer, but there was a generous offering of their classics. Early in the set they did "Istanbul (Was Constantinople)" from their Flood album. It's a great song in it's own right, but it also brought back memories of all the Hypnotic Clambake shows I used to see with Elle (it's just as much a staple of their repertoire as it is of TMBG.)

Some other classics they did were "Birdhouse In Your Soul", "Where Your Eyes Don't Go", "Ana Ng", "Guitar", and their encore song "Turn Around".  I was impressed not just with the songs, but with the musicianship. They had an excellent trumpet player who did some great work on "Istanbul","Where Your Eyes Don't Go", and lots of other songs.And while I  normally don't think of TMBG as a jam band, but jam they did on Guitar, including an extended keyboard solo by John Lindell.

 "Turn Around" was a great encore song. There's nothing like a perky, upbeat song about human skulls and vengeful zombies to cap off an evenings entertainment.

The audience was cool . Someone kept shouting "Free Bird" between songs. Another guy had one of those giant "We're Number One" fingers people bring to football games. That's the beauty of TMBG--you can act like a moron at their concerts and plausibly say you are just being ironic.

On my way out I ran into a couple of students I had taught back in the 90's. I chatted for a few minutes and ran off to catch up with Elle. When I got outside, a couple of other former students were there. Elle commented on how I seem to run into someone I know everywhere. I told her "I'm a computer science teacher. This was a They Might Be Giants show. OF COURSE I'm going to run into my old students."

It was a wonderful evening, and my bucket list is a little shorter now. I see so much  good music with Elle. She is awesome.

Here's a video someone shot of the concert...enjoy it while it's available:

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