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My day (Saturday)

 I got up early  today (well, yesterday now) to walk down to the coffee shop. As I left my house, I noticed that  my neighbors up the street were having a yard sale again. They had one last week to raise money for the UNCC Sociology club. I decided to see if they had any good stuff left.

I found a couple of books that looked interesting. One of them was Wally Lamb's novel She's Come Undone, and The Devil In Massachussets , a book about the Salem witch trials.. I got the two of them for a dollar. Since it was so cheap and the money went to help a UNCC organization, it was a relatively guilt free book purchase.

I've always wanted to read a Wally Lamb novel. One of his trademarks is using song lyrics as titles. "She's Come Undone" comes from a Guess Who song .Lamb  wrote another novel  with the title  I Know This Much Is True, which is from a Spandau Ballet song. And then he wrote a third one where the title was a line from a hymn. I couldn't think of the title for the life of me, but I'm pretty sure the hymn was Amazing Grace.

I was going crazy trying to remember it. I decided as I walked home it might help if I sang Amazing Grace to myself. I got through the first verse  and nothing seemed really right. So I tried the second verse.

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed

It worked. Amazing Grace relieved my mental irritation, and singing it proved to be a healthy, if inadvertent, spiritual exercise.

It would be funny if Lamb started listening to Avril Lavigne and wrote a novel called "She's Like So Whatever".

I stuck the books in my car and walked down to the coffee shop. Warren came in after a while, and the barrista said he appeared to be a "cartoon Warren". Knowing Warren as I do, I told her that "cartoon Warren" is a redundancy. I added "unless of course, you are talking about Bugs Bunny." Nobody in the shop thought the Bugs Bunny reference was as clever as I thought it was. It humbled me. I guess I can chalk my failed joke up as another inadvertent spiritual exercise.