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my day

Elle came by my office to say hi today. She noticed a plant on my windowsill that was somewhat wilted. (Most of you are thinking "I have never thought of him as a plant person"...you are right. It was a birthday gift.)

She said "let me get it some water" and took it out to the water fountain. I thought that was so sweet.

Later on, we went to lunch together. We talked about curriculum, kids these days, and the Glenn Beck show. She'd seen one recently where Beck had a mao puppet he'd picked up at Disney World. I hadn't seen it, but I looked it up on  youtube later.

Both of us like Glenn Beck, and neither one of us get the extreme hatred people have for him. I asked if she had seen the Onion piece that bemoaned the deaths of people who aren't Glenn Beck. She hadn't, but agreed with me that it was pretty appalling.

On the way back, I told Elle that Glenn Beck frequently says things that I've been saying for years, and that I expected someday to hear someone accuse me of parroting Glenn Beck. She nodded and said "Well, I know you've always hated Woodrow Wilson". Yes, I have. Good old Elle. She can be my witness.



I thought I would say: You'd expect the Chairman Mao doll in Communist China, where I grew up. Then I realized, no, you would not. You'd see pictures of Mao - which were venerated, and treated with great respect. Someone taking him so un-seriously, like anyone who'd make/play with a doll like that, would be severely reprimanded by their peers.

Then again, I had been under the impression that most people in the US believed that Mao and communism were evil incarnate (apart from some diehard super-left lefties), so to see a doll like this was surprising to say the least.