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An Admittedly Boring Entry

I paid off my Target credit card today in full. I had used it exactly once, and I think everything on the balance was late charges and interest and of course, interest on late charges. I'm pretty disappointed in myself that I let that happen, but I feel really really good that I made it go away. One cheer for me: HIP.

I remember a while back going to the post office to mail off my water bill and feeling really good about it. Then I started asking myself why I was patting myself on the back so much for just paying my water bill. But there were two very good reasons:
  1. It helps me keep my water bill paid 
  2. Nobody else is going to do it.

Paying off my Target card was like that. Except I had to brag about it to somebody, and I chose Elle as my victim.
She was in the middle of doing a lot of work when I told her. She not only said "that's good" but actually looked up from her work at me when she said it. That's a lot more than I would have done. She is a saint. I'm sure she has earned about 8 zillion karma points for all the ways she has indulged me.

As long as I am making a really boring entry, I should say something about my blood pressure medicine. NOTHING is more boring than blood pressure medicine. Well, maybe foot powder, but blood pressure medicine is way up there. Anyway, I remembered to take my blood pressure medicine today. This would not be worth mentioning, except that I forgot yesterday, and I am happy to be back on track. This also fits in with this entries theme of congratulating myself for microscopically small achievements.

I just thought of something more boring than blood pressure medicine and foot powder put together: the money supply. This was in the news today, as the Fed met and raised interest rates. It had a small negative effect on the stock market, but not horrible. The Dow rose very slightly, and is now less than 80 points away from its all time record. And you knew I was going to work this in: I beat the market in my trading portfolio. I was up 1.77%.

Of course, I guess a lesson I should have learned today is to pay as much attention to mundane personal finance as I do to my stock portfolio. We'll see if that sticks. I'm not sure I'm as good at  learning something today as the Southpark kids are.