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Tax day

I mailed in my federal and state income taxes today. As usual, I waited until the last minute.

I am getting a hefty refund back from the feds. Part of this is because I learned about the "making work pay" tax credit. It's funny, as I was finishing up my taxes I was feeling pretty good about our federal government, even the IRS.

Then I thought a little more and remembered that the amount of money that was withheld from me was a little less than 10 times as big as my refund. During the year, I chuckle along with all the other conservatives and libertarians at the people who say "I'm getting money back" as if the feds were giving something. But when I look at my refund amount on my tax return, I turn into one of those poor dumb yokels, if only for a minute.

All of which goes to show how insidious tax withholding is. It can deceive even people who know better about how much they are paying in taxes. Congress needs to pass Ron Paul's Cost Of Government Awareness Act so we can have more honesty and transparency in the tax system.