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Catching Up

Wow. It's been nearly two weeks. And I used to be so diligent.

Nothing of significance has happened since my last entry, but there are things worth writing about.

At the last JJ poetry reading I read a new poem that was not a memorial haiku. It was a baiku.


Bumblebees can’t fly

And Ethernet doesn’t work

Or so it might seem

Is this all a lie

Or does, beneath science lurk

Some peculiar meme?

The stock market has nose-dived since my last entry, and it has effected me to some extent. Not a great extent though. Thank heaven for stop loss orders! My strategy right now is to liquidate my trading portfolio by attrition. That is, I have the same selling criteria (stopped out or zacks rank >=3) , but I don't buy any new stocks. I am down to 4 now.

I went to see cousindoc Friday. He wants my diastolic blood pressure a little lower (that's the bottom number), but I am basically doing OK. He wants to see me again in 6 weeks. That was implicit good news... I must be OK if he doesn't need to see me for 6 weeks.

I spent most of the weekend watching television. There was an Andy Griffith marathon on TVLand, and it was sponsored by Gas-X. The Gas-X commercials were pretty funny. They showed a guy in a meeting looking very uncomfortable, while a very official looking lady was saying things like "we're not going to cut it with Wall Street" and "we've got to let rip with a new proposal." At first I thought there was some PC reason they had a woman playing the boss, but it was probably because they couldn't find a man who could do those lines without laughing.

I also ordered Good Night And Good Luck from movies on demand. It was a pretty decent movie.
It illustrated an important principal of cinema:

Black & white cinematography + jazz soundtrack + patricia clarkson=guaranteed snob appeal.

I have heard this movie described as "educational". I don't know if it's that. It's just George Clooney's take on what happened during the McCarthy years. In spite of what the Edward R Murrow character said at the beginning, there is more than one side to the story. True, it had a lot of real-life footage, but so did Forrest Gump.

I also watched the new episode of the Sopranos, which may be the worst I've seen. Carmella and a friend of hers went to Paris. Just like the girls on Facts Of Life went to Paris. Almost EXACTLY like the Facts Of Life girls. Is that a shark's fin I see?

And Vito (the gay character) got whacked. One of the guys that whacked him was his wife's cousin. He was hiding in the closet laying in wait for him. Then, when Vito got back to his hotel room, he came out of the closet. Get it? Came out of the closet!

As they say in the gay community, "puh-LEEZE".