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Poetry Reading After Action Report 5/13/2010

Once again there was a very good turnout at the poetry reading Thursday night. There were enough readers that Jonathan asked everyone to keep it to 2 poems, and added that they should be short.

My friend Liz , whom I mentioned in my last poetry reading entry, showed up. I was very glad to see her. She had been through surgery and radiation treatment and looked a bit haggard. But she was alive and she got herself to the reading, which was more than I expected.

I had two memorial haiku, which I enclose below

Lena Horne
The world seems empty
Now that you have gone to that
Cabin in the sky

Dixie Carter
Designing Women
Was hardly my cup of tea
I watched it for you

I'm glad I did the Dixie Carter haiku, because I was a big fan. She had a lot of class, and the kind of old school sexuality that knew how to be alluring with nothing more than a well-displayed calf and a haughty look. Hal Holbrook was one lucky devil.

She was also one of the few political conservatives that worked for Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, even though her character Julia Sugarbaker was a liberal. I heard her say she had a deal with Thomason that she would get to sing in an episode if she had to say something liberal. (I'm not sure that quite right...I saw her character being a liberal more often than I heard her sing.)

Finally, she had the same birthday as my mother.

I regret that I didn't write an obit for her when she died, but I'm very happy to make up for it now.