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More On Being Productive

A couple of weeks ago,I posted about an article from the Art of Manliness about the importance of producing more and consuming less,
Shortly after that I read What IPads Will Do To Your Family at the Last Psychiatrist blog, which explored the same theme from a different angle.  The gist of the article is that the IPad is "a consumption device, not a production device."

Some of the comments point out that the IPad can be used for productive work, but I think the author's original point stands. Regardless of what cool hidden productive features some people have found, the IPad is marketed as a media consumption device (why else would the name sound so much like IPod?). The article states that IPads are "for people who approach computers and the web the same way they approach TV".  Therein lies the meat of the article.  Even if the author is completely wrong about the IPad as such, he's spot on that there are people who treat computers as an entertainment device rather than a productivity tool. And that the growing numbers of such people is problematic.

I'm often guilty of using the computer for entertainment myself. I spend way too much time on facebook and youtube. I'm glad there are guys like the Last Psychiatrist to remind me there are better things I could be doing.

I found an interesting similar article by Gary North that merits a link. In Why Asia Will Overtake America, he explains that America is producing less than Asian countries, and that Asia is enabling this trend by selling us entertainment devices. It's beautifully written, absolutely spot-on, and completely depressing. Every American should read it.