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My Day

It was a good day. This morning, when I opened my front door, everything looked different, and I was wondering why. Then I remembered I'd had my trees trimmed yesterday. I actually knew that all along, but the big tree in the front yard didn't look all that different. Everything else did because it wasn't obscuring the view the way it was.

In my networks class, I talked about error-detecting codes in general and CRC coding in particular. CRC, while quite popular, is based on some arcane (at least for today's students) mathematical concepts and requires some patience and careful explanation to teach well.

After class  a lot of students  were hanging around asking questions about it. Often  when so many  students come up to me after class it makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. But not today, for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons was that  the students actually wanted to talk about the class material, and not dicker about grades or assignments. The other reason is that in the summer, all I have to do at my job is work with students. No meetings, no advising, just talking to the students about computer science. It was a joyful experience.

I briefly checked the powerball page after class to see if I became a gazillionaire last night. I hadn't. The jackpot is up to $220 million, so I will probably drop a couple of bucks on it again.

I've often said that if I won powerball, the one change I know I would make would be to stop teaching summer school. It's not required and I do it for the extra money. But I'd forgotten the other advantage of summer school...all I have to do is teach.  Teaching uninterrupted by other tasks is quite a sweet pleasure for me. So maybe even that wouldn't change.

$220 million dollars (or really $66M after the lump sum reduction and taxes) would still be nice to have. I'll probably play anyway.

So I am not a millionaire, but I have a nice looking front lawn and I am enjoying my job. As the poet said, "It is still a beautiful world."