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Two productive people

I have been posting a lot lately about the importance of being productive. On lewrockwell.com today there were a couple of biographical pieces about a couple of excellent role models for anyone who wants to be productive and successful. One of them was Lew Rockwell's tribute to Murray Rothbard. I don't really subscribe to Rothbard's philosophy of anarcho-capitalism, but I agree with him on a lot of things. More importantly, his lively intellect, voluminous body of work, and influence on succeeding generations are all things to aspire to.

The other article was Gary North's eulogy for basketball coach John Wooden. I honestly didn't know much about Wooden, but his life appears to be evidence that a man can be both virtuous and successful. Particularly interesting in this piece is North's definition of a calling: "The most important thing you can do in which you would be most difficult to replace." A lot of people never try to figure out what their calling is, but Wooden found a way to make it coincide with his occupation.

In addition to blogging and reading inspirational  things on the net today, I also taught my classes and got my textbook orders in for the fall. It's as important to take care of mundane obligations as it is to aspire to greatness. Both are important, but the former is a little more likely to slip through the cracks than the latter. One of Wooden's principles of life is "Make everyday your masterpiece." It's possible that the definition of a masterpiece could include just taking care of EVERYTHING that has to be taken care of.