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Poetry Reading After Action Report 6/10/2010

There was a relatively small turnout at the poetry reading last night. I am very pleased to report that my friend Liz was there, with a gentleman companion. When she first announced her cancer, I feared that I might not see her at the next poetry reading. But she was at the next poetry reading, and last night at the one after that.

She asked me to sit with her and her friend.A lot of times I like to sit by myself, but I joined her because I never know if I'll be able to sit with her again. We chatted a little, and I learned she used to write for an underground paper in Atlanta. And that she wrote columns about phony hipsters (the kind that like to go "slumming" and then go back to their parent's comfortable middle class homes) that got her a lot of hate mail.
I was impressed, and figured that must be where she got the courage to deal with terminal cancer. More likely, she's had it all along and pulls it out when it's needed.

We talked some about the university and she asked me what building I am in. I told her, and she said she wasn't there much but that "I'll probably be there some next year." Next year. Wow. That seemed really optimistic too me, but then I didn't expect to see her at two more poetry readings.

I had five haiku to read, which are included below:

Martin Gardner

Many synapses
Fired by your puzzles and books
That candle is quenched.

Gary Coleman

You never grew tall,
Which was cruel enough, but now
You’ll never grow old

John Wooden

You didn’t only
Make each day your masterpiece
Your whole life was one

Dennis Hopper

An easy rider
Through life, you had by life’s end
Outrun your demons

Rue McLanahan

I’ll just be honest
Even though you were older
I thought you were hot