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Men And Cartoons

(Tip of the hat to Jonathan Lethem for the title.)

I had coffee with my old friend Kali Sunday night. The subject of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited came up. I told her about the character Sebastian who, even though he was in college, had a teddy bear that he talked to like it was a real person.

Kali had never read it, and asked if the character was gay. I said he was, and she said she wasn't surprised. She knew a gay man who was like that. But instead of having a teddy bear he had his entirre bedroom decorated in Mickey Mouse decor. She saw a pattern.

I pursued the topic further. "What if it was Fred Flintstone" I asked. "He's a mysoginist!!". I'd never thought of him that way, but he does yell at Wilma an awful lot. Even though she waits on him hand and foot. I guess he is a mysoginist.

But I was undeterred. How about Huckleberry Hound? "That would be gay" she said.

"So is everything either gay or mysoginistic?" I asked.

She nodded yes.

That was quite discouraging, although I eventually got her to concede that Barney Rubble might occupy some kind of middle ground.