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Books and their Titles

It doesn't help my book addiction that the University bookstore is in the student union, which is the same building I go to to get my lunch.
Some days I just get a sandwich and get out without going into the bookstore. But  Christopher Hitchens has recently published his memoirs, so   it was impossible not to go in and look for it.

Fortunately for my budget, they did not have it. I couldn't resist a little browsing though. Last time I was  there I saw a book called Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter. The subtitle made me think of what a popular template "Why X Matters" is for book titles. I've seen X filled in with the names Darwin, Sinatra, and Orwell. It seems ripe for parody. Maybe "Why The Brady Bunch Matters" or "Why Fred Flintstone Matters".

Today I saw a book called Why AC/DC matters. That's funnier than either of my ideas, but it's a real book. The window of opportunity for parody has clearly been shut.

Maybe it's not too late to lampoon the Thomas Cathcart books. "Wittgenstein and a Wombat Go To A Coffee Shop" is pretty funny. So is "Schopenhauer and A Stallion Go To A Bath House". Or maybe just "A Philosopher And An Animal Go To A Gathering Place." That last one's a scream, if I do say so myself.