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My friend Beth threw a pre-July 4th party last night. I went and took Elle along with me. It's always nice to have her along for anything, but I was especially glad to have her with me last night. There were a couple of reasons. One is that  I really wanted her to meet Beth. The other is that Beth's house is closer to where Elle  lives than it is to me. This meant it made more sense for me to drive than her. This is usually not the case, so she usually drives when we go out. I really enjoyed being able to drive her somewhere.

It's also good because it forced me to clean my car. I didn't clean it out completely, but I was able to get the front clean enough for a lady to ride in.

Beth lives in a little house in a small town. Next door to it is a house her father owns, which she has turned into a museum named after her mother. She displays her own artwork there and gives art lessons to kids in the neighborhood (and beyond.) Beth took Elle  and I on a tour of her makeshift museum. There were lots of pictures of Jesus and lots of pictures of cats. And there was a picture of the Last Supper with cats instead of people. Also on display were pictures some of her art students had drawn. One I particularly liked was of a girl with a huge head and huge eyes.

Since I abstain from adult libations, Beth poured me some Diet Dr.Thunder. It wasn't bad for an off-brand knock off of Dr.Pepper. Didn't taste too diety either. It reminded me of many years ago when Beth and I went on a snack run and we sat in the parking lot of food lion drinking yoohoo and giggling about it. We weren't on drugs or anything, we just thought the idea of fake chocolate milk (chocolate-flavored drink, it was called) was funny.  And actually, it wasn't yoohoo. It was food lion's house brand knockoff. If you can't giggle about THAT without drugs, you need a funny bone transplant.

Also available were Krispy Kream doughnuts with Cheerwine in the filling. Of course I had one. I reasoned that  if I got killed in an accident on the way home, my life would have gone by without eating a doughnut with cheerwine in it. That would be deeply tragic.

The whole event had the kind of authentically quirky atmosphere you can only find in the south. I thought  it was like being in a Beth Henley play, an observation that was validated when Beth's dad's girlfriend showed up wearing a Miss Firecracker sash.

I decided later that Flannery O'Connor was  a better literary allusion. Pictures of Jesus + southern eccentricity is straight out of her fiction.

There was karaoke, which pretty much didn't fit with any southern literary allusion, but that's OK because it was lots of fun. Beth's husband had found a news group full of karaoke videos. If someone wanted to sing something he didn't have, he just went to the newsgroup to look for it. It was good to see that old school technology like newsgroups still has its uses.

I sang "Mack The Knife" which went over pretty well. Later that evening Elle sweet-talked me into singing It's Only Make Believe .She did a really good job of sweet-talking because that's a song I'm reluctant to sing. I've never sung it before and it has always sounded very difficult. Fortunately, I did not suck. I was glad to sing a song that Elle liked and sing it well. I also sang "Night And Day", another song Elle is fond of.

At the end of the evening, Elle offered to guide me down Beth's very narrow driveway when we left. For a very small fraction of a second it hurt my pride that she thought I needed to be guided. After the fraction of a second was over, it occured to me that this offer meant she was willing to stand behind my car while I was backing it up. It's very difficult to show more faith in somebody's competence and goodwill than that. Pride was restored. :)

All in all, it was a delightful evening.



This sounds like an awesome night and I'm glad you had so much fun. Yeah...I know what it's like when someone tries to help you but you kinda feel like they're saying you can't do it on your own. Usually they're not...I try to remember a quote from a cartoon I saw: "Sometimes people want to help you not because they think you can't do it, but just because they love you" or something to that effect.

Those donuts sound nice. I'd like to try one but I'm back on a diet after stuffing myself with Indian food on Waiheke Island. :)
You're right about people helping you...sometimes they just want to make life easier for you.

Yeah the donuts were great. They are only being sold during the month of July, but if you are ever in North Carolina, you've got to try some cheerwine. You can't really say you've experienced our fair state if you haven't.