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My Day

I probably spent too much time on the internet today, although I can't say it was completely wasted. I went on facebook and chatted with Dean, a friend  I went to elementary school with. I've seen him in person since then, but even that was 15-20 years ago. For all it's flaws, facebook is really good for things like catching up with the Deans in your life.

We talked about our respective jobs. I told him I taught college. He is a truck driver. I told him that sounded like a cool job, and I was quite sincere. It's a classic "what do you want to be when  you grow up" job for little boys. It's also a job a college professor secretly envies, because it involves physical skills and does not involve semiotics or deconstruction at all.

Even though we are not elderly, we talked about people who had died. He told me our mutual friend Jimmy had become a teacher but was recently killed in a bicycle accident. I was very sad to hear that. He was a good guy who didn't pick on nerds and fat kids.

We talked about Sharon, one of my first major crushes. She had beautiful brown eyes and a very warm, genuine smile. I remember just looking at her at the neighborhood swimming pool one day and deciding  I was in love with her. She was very nice to me and very patient with my constant adulation, even though she didn't have the same feelings.

She was killed in a car accident about 30 years ago. I found out a few years afterwards. I hadn't seen her in years, but it was still very sad news. Why do beautiful young women with hearts the size of Los Angeles die so young? It makes me glad I'm an ugly old dude. I'll probably live to be 100.

I told Dean about the time I passed her a note in class saying "I Love You" and asked if he could guess who came up to me after class and said "I saw your little note."

It was Jimmy. Getting caught  was embarrassing, but if somebody had to catch me I'm glad it was him. He didn't ruin my middle school life with his knowledge the way a lot of other guys would have. Like I said, he was a good guy. He didn't pick on nerds or fat kids. Or even fat nerds who had the audacity to declare their love for the prettiest girl in the 8th grade. He will be missed.