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My Day So Far

I got up a little early today. I was giving a test and wanted to be 110% sure I was there on time.  I got showered and dressed and still had time to spare, which I ended up putting to good use. On my way out, I noticed a wasp in the nest  on my front door frame. I'd been meaning to  do something about that for a long time and I had about 10 minutes. So I got the wasp spray I recently purchased at Target and blasted that sucker.

Yes, I killed one of my fellow creatures. I am not a bit sorry. My only regret is that  I didn't shout "Prepare to die, you hymenopteric bastard!!!" before I sprayed him. I didn't think to because my brain wasn't completely awake yet. Also, I didn't know the word "hymenoptera" until I started making this blog post..

Then I went inside and got a broom . A  poor housekeeper like me normally wouldn't remember where to find the broom. Fortunately, there are still some left over from when my father sold them for the Lions Club. I  went back outside and knocked the nest down. It made me feel good to subdue  nature, just like our pioneer ancestors did.

I went in to work, secure in the knowledge that at least for today, nature was my bitch. I gave tests to both of my classes.

Now I'm going to head to one coffee shop or another and start grading. I'll be in a mellow mood as I grade, because I got so much aggressiveness out of my system this morning. My students will benefit, and they will not even know to be grateful to the wasp who gave his life to make my mellow mood possible.